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13/02/2007 #1

Aplicaciones con microcontroladores
En el siguiente link se encuentra un listado de aplicaciones, que si
bien están realizadas, en base a microcontroladores de la firma
www.parallax.com, la idea básica de cada una, se puede adaptar a otros



* Aletheic
* Beating Heart Exhibit
* Beverage Slot Machine
* "Better Mousetrap" Animated artwork
* Dance of the Waterspiders
* Interactive "Magic 8-Ball Bust O'Lenin"
* Nevermore
* OmniCircus Junkyard Cabaret
* Oregon’s Shore Acres Park Outdoor Holiday Lighting Exhibit
* ZAG Bridge Lighting


* Aerial Photography R/C Interface for a digital camera
* Cermetek Modem Application
* DCF-Receiver
* Direct Digital Synthesis Device Controller
* Flashing Stock Alert Application
* Jukebox
* Motorcycle Signal Timer
* Railroad
* The Adjust-A-Putt
* The RC-4 Controlled Christmas Tree
* Three Stooges Pneumatic Pop-Up Display with EFX Products
* "Volkswagen DashPC" System
* NEW! Vintage XM Radio
* W8ZR EZ-Tuner
* 20-key Matrix Keypad


* Aaron's Clock, No Hands Required
* Alarm clock with date and temperature
* Doggy Door
* Door Locking Device
* Mobile Desk Chair Project
* NEW! Surface Water Ingestor of Miscellaneous Material and
Experimental Robot
* Water Valve Controller
* X-10 Application


* Assembly Line Date Coder
* NEW! Barracuda
* Brinestein Refrigerator Calculator
* First Class Airplane Lighting
* Industrial Pallet Stacker
* Liquid Filler Machine
* Living Glass
* Remote Controlled Neon Trade Show Display Sign
* Remote Control TV Tower
* Sailmaking
* NEW! Skateboard Bearing Tester
* Traffic Light
* Wastewater Management Controller
* Woodchipper


* ARobot by Arrick Robotics
* Advanced SX Robot
* Boe-dar Robotic Mapping
* Bot MATE-Tricks
* Firefighting Robot
* Boe-Bot® robot Art Using Subroutines
* HydroBot Robot
* Prowler
* Rescue-Bot with CMUcam
* The RipSaw Project
* RoboCut
* Robot Control Over IP Networks
* RPQ-05 Vulture
* Scorpion Robot
* "Super" Boe-Bot Robot
* TETwalker
* Self-Balancing Robot


* Artificial Limb - with the Javelin Stamp
* Bicycle with Health Monitoring System
* Capsule Sorter and Dispenser
* Medical "sip and puff" Device
* Sign Language Hand Spelling Robot


* Aerospace Rocketry Control
* Analog Thermometer
* Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
* AVIS: TIS Interface
* BASIC Stamp PongSat
* BASIC Stamp Seismometer
* Boat Noise Gun
* BS2SX Controlled Van De Graff Generator
* Data Acquisition Project
* Geological and Environmental Data Logging
* GPS Vehicle Tracker
* Heat Distribution and Robot Wall Sensor Project
* High Altitude Photographic Balloon
* Moisture Sensor
* Near Space
* Payload - The Edge of Space
* RCKARA Balloon Flight
* SAEBRtracker Satellite Tracker
* Space Shuttle G-200 Biological Experiment
* Submarine by Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute
* Transmitting GPS Position by an Iridium Phone
* Tumbleweed
* V-Link RTU
* Wind Direction
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