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17/02/2017 #1

Opiniones sobre la graficadora CASIO FX-9860GII-L-IH
Estoy estudiando ING. Eléctrica y debo comprar una graficadora que me resuelva matrices con números complejos y esta es un de las más económicas. Es recomendable comprarla ? ...
17/02/2017 #2

Avatar de hellfire4

Bienvenido desde ya al foro

No se si te iran a responder, pero buscando en google, se encuentra alguna que otra

5,0 de 5 estrellasMas que una calculadora
PorEnriqueel 31 de mayo de 2015
Compra verificada
Un equipo completo de análisis y cálculo. La compramos para utilizar en bachillerato pero creo que puede alargar su vida también en la Universidad



Otras opiniones:




un video de youtube que muestra como anda un producto también viene bien como agregado a la guía

Un Analisis en ingles:

The Pros

It’s got similar processing power to the TI 84
It links with other systems by using a USB
It is pre-loaded with software program that can help students better understand challenging numerical methods
It is very simple to use
The price is actually inexpensive with regards to the features contained in it

The Cons

The Casio’s aren’t as commonly recognized as the Texas Instruments calculators
The primary menu could sometimes be confusing


The Casio FX 9860GII is really a multi-purpose and of the best Casio graphing calculator having an amazing list of functions and suitable subject matter. It’s not as popular as the Texas Instrument versions and may even present some issues in the course of learning, however, when this is certainly overcome this device will benefit you appropriately.


User-friendly and uncomplicated, Icon-Based Menu System
Powerful Graphing
Double Graph & Table Display
All-natural Input and display of Inequality charts
Normal Display enables entry and output of math concepts the same as in a book
Inbuilt worksheet program
Extensive Conics software
Pre-loaded Geometry program
Allows for USB connection
1.5MB of flash memory / 62KB RAM
200 hrs of life of the battery (AAA x 4)
Online Easy manual for reference


The FX-986OGII graphing calculator features a large 1500 KB flash ROM, inbuilt worksheet and e-Activity apps, an icon-based menu making it one of several simplest models to make use of. This calculator can do unit conversions. Furthermore, it deals with arbitrary integers, is capable of doing regression functions and chi-squared GOP, and will even calculate X/Y bar charts, pie charts and graphs. There is also a data transfer component, LCD back lit display screen plus a manager software.

The control key structure is reasonable and straightforward to understand. It is also wonderful how the 9860GII makes easier square roots, plus the graphing functions are way much easier to use than the usual TI-84+. There’s no “right bound, left bound” selections required, and you could make the calculator to locate points by x or y of which numerous graphing calculators only permit you to enter x.


Initially, it looks like it’s designed for someone who does not wish to invest considerable time finding out how to make use of a graphing calculator. Almost all of the features within the fx-9860GII are self-explanatory and will not demand a lot of time from the owner’s guide book. Pushing menu brings you to a home screen that shows a visual display of each of the calculator’s capabilities (conics, tables, equation solver, graphing, etc). You could possibly devote lots of time trying to find these functions within the menu programs of contending products.
17/02/2017 #3

Avatar de Scooter

No sabría decirte. solo he usado un poco un emulador.

Yo tenía una TI89 y fantástica.

Si es similar a la TI84 la veo corta, muy corta. El salto de la TI84 a la TI89 es bestial, y estoy hablando de modelo antiguos de hace mas de diez años.
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