ayuda con LM5037

alguien me puede explicar que es un LM5037 según entiendo se utiliza en fuentes


Dual-Mode PWM Controller With Alternating Outputs

General Description
The LM5037 PWM controller contains all the features necessary to implement balanced double-ended power converter topologies, such as push-pull, half-bridge and full-bridge. These double-ended topologies allow for higher efficiencies and greater power densities compared to common singleended topologies such as the flyback and forward. The LM5037 can be configured for either voltage mode or current mode control with minimum external components. Two alternating gate drive outputs are provided, each capable of 1.2A peak output current. The LM5037 can be configured to operate directly from the input voltage rail over a wide range of 13V to 100V. Additional features include programmable maximum duty cycle limit, line under-voltage lockout, cycle-by-cycle current limit and a hiccup mode fault protection with adjustable timeout delay, soft-start and a 2 MHz capable oscillator with synchronization capability, precision reference and thermal shutdown.
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Es un driver (low side) de MOSFET para push-pull y Half-bridge.
Regulador de voltaje.