Tema de la Invitación que recibí de la MIT

Claro que la asistencia a esa presentación va muy por encima de mis posibilidades económicas. Pero el texto que copio a esta contribución mía presenta los temas de las präsentaciones y los puntos que lista son exactamente los temas que me interesan:

"Nearly 60 years old and Moore's Law still stands strong for many in the computing world.

But the surge of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning have coincided with the breakdown of Moore’s Law, and for many thought-leaders what lies beyond is not entirely clear.

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Future Compute as Alan Lee, Corporate Vice President and Head of Advanced Research at AMD, makes a case for why radical new innovations will take business beyond the limitations of computing as we know them.

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Future Compute. Topics will include:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cybersecurity
  • Edge Computing
  • IoT and 5G connectivity
  • Next-generation interfaces
  • Workforce skill requirements
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