Ethernut 1.3H, RS232 incoming data to a remote computer's excel

Hi everyone, this is the first time i post but i've been reading the site for quite a bit.
I'm working on a project and i need some help.
I'm using the Ethernut 1.3H
which works with an atmega128 and the usart comunication.
I'm using a program to read the data that comes from a temperature sensor ds18b20 and sends it to the pc via rs232 to TeraTerm(like hyperterminal).
I put the program so you can see it and hopefully give a more objective answer :).
So, here's the deal breaker, i want my project to do the following:
- Get the temperature reading using the microcontroller, via rs232 to TeraTerm (done)
- Send this data to a remote computer (using ethernet, IP adresses)
- Show the data on the remote computer on excel

So, i guess i need a lot of help, On the second part, i might have an idea how to do it, but i would appreciate if someone would step up on that lol. I need some guidance on how to send the data via ethernet (ip adress) to excel.

I hope you guys can take a look at this and help me on this one, i would really appreciate it :)



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