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Hola Fogonoazo, no habia visto estos aportes, excelentes como siempre mis más sincera felicitaciones y el ánimo a continuar


"Qualified exorcist approved by the Vatican"
Otro par de esquemas en nuevo directorio

000		15-Step Digital Power Supply
001		2-Line Intercom-Cum-Telephone Line Changeover Circuit
002		40-Meter Direct conversion receiver
003		5 band graphic equaliser
004		7MHz CW AM QRP Transmitter(2)
005		9-Line Telephone Sharer
006		A Hierachical Priority Encoder
007		Accurate Electronic Stop Watch
008		Add on stereo channel selector
009		An universal HI-Resistance Voltmeter
010		Anti bag snaching alarm
011		Anti collision rear light
012		Anti theft alarm for bikes
013		Antisleep Alarm for Students
014		Anti-Theft Security For Car Audios
015		Appliance timer cum-clap switch
016		Aquarium Probe
017		ATMEL AVR ISP Dongle
018		Audio amplifier for personal stereo
019		Audio-Visual
020		Auto Reset Over-under
021		Auto Shut-off For Cassette Players And Amplifiers
022		Auto Turn-Off battery charger
023		Automated Alarm Circuits
024		Automatic Dual Output display
025		Automatic Emergency Light
026		Automatic emergency tourch
027		Automatic Heat Detector
028		Automatic Light Controller using 7806
029		Automatic low power emergency light
030		Automatic night light with morning alarm
031		Automatic Off timer for CD platers
032		Automatic phase changer
033		Automatic Room Power Control
034		Automatic school bell
035		Automatic Speed Controller For Fans and Coolers
036		Automatic sprinkler control system
037		Automatic temperature controlles fan
038		Automatic traffic signal cont
039		Battery level indicator
040		Bell cum light controller
041		Bicycle Indicator
042		Bipolar transistor tester
043		Blown Fuse Indicator
044		Brake failure indicator
045		Car Anti-th eft Guard
046		Car reversing horn with flasher
047		Cash box guard
048		CD-Rom Drive as Digital-Audio CD Player
049		Cellphone controlled audio mute switch
050		Charge Monitor for 12V bat
051		Child lamp
052		CI_Drinking
053		Clap Remote
054		Clap Switch
055		Clock timer
056		Color Sensor
057		Computerised Morse Code Generator Transmitter
058		Computerised universal timer
059		Condenser Mic Audio Amplifier
060		Constant-Current Battery Charger
061		Contact Less
062		Cordless Phone Backup
063		Crystal controled time base
064		Curren sensor
065		Darkroom Timer
066		DC motor control using single a switch
067		Desktop power suply
068		Dice with 7 segment display
069		Digital Audio-Video input selector
070		Digital dice
071		Digital Dice with numeric display
072		Digital Dual channel vol
073		Digital Main Voltage indicator
074		Digital stop watch
075		Digital switching system(2)
076		Digital Thermometer
077		Digital Timer Enhancement
078		Digital-Speedometer_New(1)
079		Ding-Dong bell
080		DTMF Proximity Detector
081		DTMF receiver IC MT8870 tester
082		DuoPhone
083		Economical Pump Controller(2)
084		Electric Guitar Preamplifier
085		Electric windowfence charger
086		Electrical Equipment control using PC(1)
087		Electronic bicycle lock
088		Electronic Candles
089		Electronic Card-Lock System
090		Electronic Dice Using AT89C2051
091		Electronic horn
092		Electronic Jam
093		Electronic Metronome
094		Electronic motor starter
095		Electronic Scoring game
096		Electronic security system
097		Electronic WatchDog
098		Fastest-finger-first-indicator
099		Fire Alarm
100		Fire alarm using thermistor
101		Flasher For Deepawali
102		Flashing beacon
103		Flashing cum running light
104		Flashing Leds(2)
105		Flying saucer
106		FM Booster
107		Four Stage FM Transmitter
108		Frequency measurement using PC
109		Friendly charger for mobile phones
110		Front door guard
111		Fuel reserve indicator for vehicles
112		Fuild Level Detector(1)
113		Fully automatic emergeny light
114		Generation Of 1-Sec Pulses Spaced 5-Sec Apart
115		Generator Room Light
116		Glow plug controller
117		Guitar Effect Pedal Power
118		Handy Zener Diode tester
119		Hearing aid
120		Heath sensitive switch
121		Highway alert signal lamp
122		Hit switch
123		House Security System_NEW
124		IC Controlled Emergency Light with Charger
125		Infra red bug
126		Infra red firecrack igniter
127		Infra red toy motor controler
128		Infrared Cordless headphone
129		Infrared Illuminator
130		Infrared remote control timer
131		Intelligent Switch(2)
132		Intruder radio alert system
133		Inverter for Soldering Iron
134		Invisible Broken Wire Detector
135		IR burglar deterrent
136		IR music transmitter and receiver
137		IR remote switch
138		Knock alarm
139		Laptop protector
140		Laser torch based voice TX RX
141		Laser-guided Door Opener
142		Lead acid battery charger with analiser
143		LED based message display 
144		Light fence
145		Liquid level Alarm
146		Little door guard
147		Long Range IR Transmitter
148		Long-range FM Transmitter
149		Low cost electronic quiz table
150		Low cost hearing aid
151		Low cost PCO Billing meter
152		Low cost Transistorised intercom
153		Low current high voltage power supply
154		Luggage Security System
155		Magic Light(2)
156		Magnetic Proximity switch
157		Mains Manager
158		Mains operated christmast star
159		Mains supply failure alarm
160		Mat switch
161		Medium Power FM Transm
162		Micromotor controller
163		Midnigth security ligth y
164		Mini UPS System
165		Miniature strobe light
166		Mobile bug
167		Mobile Car Stereo Player
168		Mobile cellphone charger
169		Mobile Electronic Workbench
170		Mobile Phone charger
171		Mobile shield
172		MOSFET based preamplifier for FM radio
173		Motion Sensor for Security Light
174		Motorbike alarm
175		Multi melody generator with instrumental efect
176		Multi switch doorbell with indicators
177		Multiband CW transmitter
178		Multitone Siren
179		Muscular Stimulator
180		Music on hold for Tel
181		Musical light chaser
182		Musical Touch Bell
183		Night Alert
184		Non contact power monitor
185		Number guesing game
186		Numeric wather level indicator
187		Over-Under voltage protection of electrical apliances
188		Parallel telephone with Secrecy
189		Parrot sounding door bell
190		PC Multimedia Speaker
191		PC power manager
192		PC Temperature_Sept07
193		PC-based 7 segment rolling display
194		PC-based DC motor speed controller
195		Phone BroadCaster
196		Picnic lamp
197		Poor Man’s Hearing Aid
198		Portable Lamp Flasher
199		Power Supply failure alarm
200		Precision Amplifier with Digital Control
201		Precision Attenuater with Digital Control
202		Precision Digial AC Power controller
203		Precison 1Hz
204		Programmable LED Indicator
205		Programmable timer for appliances
206		Protection for your electrical Appliance
207		Pulse generator
208		Pyroelectric fire alarm
209		Quality FM transmitter
210		Ramp Controlled Light(2)
211		Remote control for home appliances
212		Remote controlled fan regulator
213		Remote controlled Power Off switch
214		Remote operated music bell
215		Remote-operated Master Switch
216		Running Message Display
217		Safety guard
218		School college quiz buzzer
219		Secret bell
220		Security System Switcher
221		Seismic sensor
222		Self Switch power supply
223		Sensitive Temperature Switch(1)
224		Sensitive vibration sensor
225		Shadow alarm
226		Shooting
227		Short Wave AM Transmitter
228		Short-Circuit Protection in DC Low-Voltage Systems
229		Shortwave transmitter
230		Shutter guard
231		Simple Analogue to digital converter
232		Simple Code Lock
233		Simple digital security system
234		Simple Intercom Circuit
235		Simple Low-Cost dig code lock
236		Simple Sensitive Remote Control Tester
237		Simple Sensitive Remote Control Tester(1)
238		Simple short wave transmitter
239		Simple Telephone Ring Tone Generator
240		Skin Response Meter
241		Sleep Switch cum wake timer
242		Smart cellphone holder
243		Smart foot switch
244		Smart Hearing Aid
245		Smart Laptop Docking Station
246		Smart Phone Light
247		Smart Vibration Sensor
248		Solar bug
249		Solar lighting sysytem
250		Solar Panel based Charger and Small LED Lamp
251		Solid state switch for DC operated gadgets 
252		Solidstate Auto Power off on Mains Failure
253		Solid-state remote control switch
254		Song Number Display(2)
255		Speed control DC motor usin PWM
256		Speller Effect Sign Display
257		Spy ear
258		Stabilised power supply with short circuit indication
259		Staircase Light
260		Stereo Tape Head Preamplifier For PC Sound Card
261		Strees meter
262		Teleconferencing sysytem
263		Telephone call meter using calculator and COB
264		Telephone call recorder
265		Telephone conversation(1)
266		Telephone line based Audio Muting
267		Telephone operated calling system
268		Telephone receiver
269		Telephone Ringer Using Timer ICs
270		telephone-number
271		Teleremote Control
272		Tester For Remote Control
273		Three colour display using BI-Color LED
274		Three-Phase Appliance Protector
275		Time_Switch-Mar99
276		Tiny Devices
277		Touch dimmer
278		Touch Sensitive
279		Traffic Baton
280		Traffic Controller
281		Transistorised Logic Probe for TTL
282		Triple Power Supply
283		Ultra bright LED lamp
284		Ultra Low Drop linear regulator(2)
285		Ultrasonic proximity detector
286		Under-Over-Voltage Beep for Manual Stabiliser
287		UPS for Cordless Telephones(1)
288		USB Power Booster
289		USB Power Socket
290		Variable power suply using a fixed voltage regulator IC
291		Versatile CMOS TTL Logic and Clock Probe
292		Versatile power suply
293		Versatile Probe
294		Versatile water level controller
295		Versatile Zener Diode Tester
296		Visual AC mains voltage indicator
297		Voltage based controller switch
298		Washing machine motor controller
299		Watch Dog for Telephones 1
300		Watchman watcher
301		Water level controller
302		Water level indicator
303		Water-level controller
304		Water-Level Indicator using 7 segment display
305		Weekly Reminder
306		Wiper Speed controler
307		Wireless switch


"Qualified exorcist approved by the Vatican"
¿ Seré curioso y tal ves preguntero ?, ¿ Alguien sacó algo útil de esto ?

A quién subió esta información le agradara saber si sirvió para algo. :rolleyes:
¿ Seré curioso y tal ves preguntero ?, ¿ Alguien sacó algo útil de esto ?

A quién subió esta información le agradara saber si sirvió para algo. :rolleyes:
A mi me interesa el medidor de distorsión y el Designing low noise audio amplifiers, falta ver el resto que no es poquito....


King Moderador
Yo me empaché chusmeando los receptores conversión directa, estoy por hacer uno y encontré referencias.
¡Gracias por subir la información!
Saludos C


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Para gente activa que siempre esta haciendo cosas ya sea para la profesión o por hobby hay mucha información para sacar ideas o incluso muchos proeyectos tal cual estan sirven y ayudan te animo a seguir ampliandola, debe haber a muchos más que les sirve pero tal vez sean timidos para postear:unsure:


"Qualified exorcist approved by the Vatican"
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Tomé prestado un articulo sobre un microfono espía (esto lo digo porque parece preocuparte haberlos subido para nada) y le fabriqué un pcb pero todavia no lo probé.
Tambien estube leyendo "Baxandall tone control revisited DCD" que hace dias estoy tratando de modificar el triple tono de tupolev (no hacerle mejoras, solo probar para conocer) y esto me llevó a esto: y la cosa se puso negra con mi pobre ingles y mi malas matematicas pero bue.
Tambien tome el "Simon" pero el chip... es carito. Y claro que hay muchas cosas interesantes pero voy despacito.
A proposito para calcular tonos existe un programa "Tone stack Calculator" que ayuda bastante.
Gracias por tanto Fogonazo.
Atte: Pol.


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"Qualified exorcist approved by the Vatican"
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"Qualified exorcist approved by the Vatican"
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"Qualified exorcist approved by the Vatican"
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